Friday, 30 January 2009

Still queasy

Disappointed the Daily Mirror did not follow up on the story, they were apparently mollified by the letter Fred. Olsen sent to all the passengers. I tried to get them to change their mind but no go. I feel very angry about what happened, and I do think it was criminally negligent of them to set off with us in those conditions in that ship. My personal opinion and I think shared by many.

Friends yesterday said they had been on the Ventura before Christmas, the ship which had all the oiks and trouble on it (see early bulletins in my blog). On their trip, it was clear that P&O had frantically filled the ship with voucher-offers, an appalling rabble of drunks and louts who had fights, shouted at the waiters, and were generally vile.

We have all seen the cruise-holiday offers in the papers for weeks if not months, and now we (and separately our friends) have experienced the results first hand. I can only think that cruising could be pleasurable if you go for a really long voyage, round the world, say, where there won't be any or much of this ill-mannered intrusion.

I don't really identify myself with the 'oh-so-nice' main group of cruising passengers, but I do think you ought to be able to relax on your holiday. The companies must be frantic...packing anyone at all on board, and at a terrible cost. We only went because of the price, but lots of other people who wouldn't normally go on cruises are also booking onto these ships. It must be a nightmare if you have booked up months ago, and saved up for a special holiday, and then find it's invaded by yahoos. The whole industry is clearly in trouble.

Now, various friends have been in touch to say they have enjoyed this blog, it should be a book, I should be a 'calamity travel writer', etc. (Didn't know there was such a category, but maybe it's a good idea.....)

As for me, I am still feeling very tired, pale and washed out, appetite gone, etc. I still have those faint rocking feelings. Very odd. I feel I will have a more balanced view of the whole trip when I have recovered my strength and energy. I can't decide what to do next......

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