Monday, 2 February 2009

I forgot to tell you THIS....

Hilarious... I think I forgot to tell you this. While we were chatting to some people (and he had an enormous beer belly and a beard), they told Sheila that they thought she looked 'like a slimmed-down version of Dawn French, and your sister [ie me] looks like Pam Ferris....'

How cast down I was to hear this, initially. I used to be compared to Hayley Mills (when I was 12), and to Glynis Johns in my teens, and have not had any direct comparisons since then, and my immediately thought of Pam Ferris was as Ma Larkin in The Darling Buds of May. But actually I am delighted to have had this reflection. I spent the remainder of the trip on the boat feeling I ought to help maintain her reputation, so I was wafting along in the corridors (while trying to stay upright), and had a gracious smile for everyone. Was ready to give my autograph.

The crowning moment of this was hearing some other people talking: 'And, did you know, Pam Ferris is on this trip?' 'Really?' 'Oh yes! I've seen her....'


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