Sunday, 12 April 2009


As you probably know we recorded some video footage on board the Balmoral during the storms and I posted a clip onto YouTube. The name of the movie is 'Big Wave Hits Cabin Window' and I am thrilled to tell you it has now received well over 9,000 hits. It has a five star rating and quite a few comments.
It has also generated some links to other people's pages about that voyage including some very queasy-making footage of the ship filmed from dry land and heaving about in the water like a stricken animal.
Although we are now 3 or more months on from the voyage I still have not established sufficient peace in my mind to write to Fred. Olsen and tell them how angry I am about it. I hope to be able to compose a calm letter during this month and will share it with you.
I have today chosen to 'Monetise' this blogpage. Apparently Google chooses suitable ads to put beside my blog and if anyone clicks on them I might get paid something. They send a cheque, apparently.
This presents me with a challenge - how to make this blog SO gripping that it gets a huge following. Now, let me see.......

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