Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Video clip success continues

Well - the wave video had had 1823 hits when I checked just now, and that's in 4 weeks. Thanks, guys! Excellent.

We are off again today to Germany - Wiesbaden - for a conference. I thought our Channel crossing was going to be more of the same ghastly storm stuff because of the high winds and rain last night, but that front has passed, thank goodness, and all seems calm now.

Our studio accommodation in Wiesbaden does not apparently have internet connection so we will have to find that somewhere, and posts may be intermittent.

The good news is that loads and loads of people have told me how much they enjoyed the blog last time around, and found it funny (thank goodness for that, too), because on a day by day basis, life seems to me to be almost knicker-wettingly funny, but there isn't much opportunity to describe it or record it. Though I have to remember it might not be funny, in fact it might turn out to be sad or serious or just plain boring.

The best bit so far is that I went into the Fiat showroom and got two new windscreen washer jets for the car (as the design of that small but crucial element is not very good and they pop out in snow or icy weather). I think the forecast for Germany is 'colder than here'. I made them take them off a car ready to be sold as they didn't have any spares. The guy tried to take the old ones off my car but I refused as one is a replacement and I wanted these two new ones as spares. So they have a problem, heh heh.... (They had promised replacements 2 weeks ago but apparently nothing had come from Fiat).

Ah well, time to go.

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